Watch AGRIFOODPLAST keynote lectures

Damia Barceló Cullerès – Opening Keynote Lecture

Luca Nizzetto - keynote

Confronting uncertainties of models for plastic releases, fate and transport

Moritz Bigalke - keynote

100 or 10.000 microplastics kg-1: What are the problems with analyzing microplastic concentrations in soils?

Esperanza Huerta-Lwanga - keynote

Risk assessment of microplastics along the terrestrial food chain

Joana C. Prata - keynote

Impact of airborne and foodborne microplastics on human health

Gea Oliveri Conti - keynote

Microplastics: the invisible and underestimated risk in the food chain

Elena Rovesti – EFSA - keynote

The work of European Food Safety Authority in the risk assessment of micro and nanoplastics in food

Giulia Carcasci – FAO - keynote

The work of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to improve the sustainability of plastics used in agriculture and their alternatives

Lauren Weir – EIA - keynote

Cultivating Plastic: Agriplastics, grocery retailer supply chains and regulatory loopholes in the United Kingdom (UK)